Rental Motorboat

Our motorboats made of wood or fiberglass with outboard motor do not require a boat license. They and are equipped with Icebox, in order to keep the food and drinks refrigerated, a large and comfortable sundeck, complete with cushions. They will allow you to navigate easily with the opportunity to stay in the shadow, thanks to two beautiful and large awnings, in order to avoid sunburn for both adults and children. After a wonderful and refreshing dip in the crystalline water you can go back on the boat with the ladder and, thanks to another endowment, you will be able to shower off the salt with fresh sweet water. Finally, they are equipped with a stereo, for those who love to listen to music while relaxing.

They are ideal for those who love to enjoy, in complete serenity and comfort, the magnificent scenery that the Island of Panarea and the islets in front of it give us.

In addition, our motorboats, unlike our classic fishing boat models, will give you the option of going to visit the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago.


Noleggio Motoscafi Panarea - Valentina

VALENTINA (wooden) MT. 6,00  


Noleggio Motoscafi Panarea - Francesco

FRANCESCO (fiberglass) MT.5,50